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Summary of October 29, 2013 meeting

Best 45-second | Susan Symonds -Once again!

Visitor  | Dane Austin, Interior Designer, was a guest of Gail Nickse.

10-minute speakers| Debra Levy. Sphere groups met.
If you have not already done so, why not spend 15 minutes completing the VIA Survey of Character Deb sent to each of us? For your  modest effort, you will get back a personalized summary of your signature strengths, that can help guide you to achieving your best performance in work and play. For greater insight, ask Deb to interpret the results for you!

News | Jim Hood's graphic branding for his client, Harbor Sweets' Salt & Ayre Chocolates was featured on Channel 5's Chronicle recently. Beautiful work, Jim.  Congrats!

Announcements | If you've got it, bring it. For VISITOR DAY: Bring your sales literature for our “Member display table.” Brochures, fact sheets, and other promotional items are welcome.

Calendar notes | Visitor Day is November 5.  Let's make it a very successful day!
Regular meeting will be held Tuesday Nov. 12 (following Veterans Day).
The Tuesday meeting before Thanksgiving is OPTIONAL. If we have at least 10 members who will show up, the meeting will be held.

Focal point| Many members have not yet completed their profiles on our two websites (this one and
Very soon, the Website Accountability Officer will contact you about this!

Next Tuesday speaker (Nov 5) | Carmine Camerato

Upcoming MSP Training | Required for all new members, within 60-days of joining chapter. Go to {events tab} to register.
Wed Nov. 2, Subury, 1pm-4pm
Wed Nov. 16, Salem, 9am-noon
Mon Nov. 21, Billerica, 9am-noon
Fri Nov. 25, Dedham, 9am-noon

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